14 April, 2012

The Return to Scandinavia

As of a month, I am back to Sweden, more precisely Stockholm and it will be quite a change. From being based in city/country that hosts the world's largest operators and service providers (China Mobile soon 700M subs, Tencent/QQ with a billion accounts and more than a half billion active accounts, Sina Weibo with more than 300 millions users for their twitter-like service) to Nordic countries with the same population of Beijing only and Stockholm, the home of Spotify, Ericsson, Investor, Electrolux and now me.

But the dynamics of the start-up community and the creative arising from the proximity to Royal University of Technology and Ericsson is quite amazing. There are a lot of interesting things happening that has global reach and attraction - Spotify, Wrapp, Videoplaza and many more - it makes me hope that the time I will spend supporting these types of companies and the all the others in Sweden through my role at Symbio Sweden will be quite exciting - though probably on a different scale of what was going on in China.

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