23 November, 2010

Nokia Qt Conferences Asia 2010

After the tremendous success of Nokia's Qt Developer Days 2010 that attract 1,000 people in Munich and 600 in San Francisco (Burlingame actually) and now we are gearing about for Qt Conferences in Asia. As we do not have the breadth and the access to developers as we have in US and Europe, we are shortening to a one day one session conference track instead of 2 days with 4-5 simultaneous tracks.

But we seem to be able to replicate the success. In Beijing, we have already closed registration after more than 400 people has signed up. In Japan, we are expecting easily 250 developers. In Taiwan and Korea, we will have about 150 each. In total, almost a 1,000 people are coming to our events in Asia.  If you manage to get a seat, you will learn a lot more about where Qt is going, what Qt can do and what MeeGo will do to the industry,

Go Qt, Go!

For more information:

and all the kudos to Marie Reysset who single-handedly is trying to bring this together.

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