15 April, 2012


Sweden, and Stockholm, has a lot of interesting startups. One of them is Mynewsdesk, which I never heard about before I became the Managing Director of Symbio Sweden. Well, I heard of them and noted the name but was not sure what it was until I started to investigate PR strategies to make Symbio more known in the Swedish market.

Mynewsdesk is one of these innovative cool Swedish startups, this time the serial entrepreneur is Kristofer Björkman, who has created a PR channel that makes it easier for both brands and journalist to follow what is relevant, sort of a closed social network.  Started in 2003, they got acquired 2008 by NHST (a norwegian publishing house) and now have offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and Singapore (soon US).

A good example of a Swedish startup. It will be interesting to see what Kristofer has in the pipe as a next startup (after MrJet and SF-Anytime)

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