19 November, 2007

N95 8G

i just got a new Nokia N95 8G and i must say... it is good. Be it Symbian and S60, it is still extremely good.

It is fast, has a great screen, seriously improved performance on both startup, applications and feature performance. It has Mobile-TV with 3 providing some pretty good channels - more selection that i have at home with my cable network.

Most impressive is some of the additional features of improving the usability - such as the shortcut button that gets you into a 3D wheel with the latest used features and content. The GPS map function is great as well and works decent. The only thing missing is .. touchscreen. Being in China for 10 years now, i kind of get used to control the phone using my fingers.

The N95 8G will certainly fly high. I will at least continue flying and bring it with me to Korea, Japan, China, HK, Taiwan and Europe/US. Not that US has any clue what HSDPA means - the 3.5G modem makes it superfast in downloading emails, maps and browsing.

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